sherlock holmes and the adventure of the suicide club lakeland cultural arts center littleton nc 2023

AUDITIONS: “Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Suicide Club”

Lakeland Cultural Arts Center is looking for actors/actresses of all races and ethnicities, ages 20-80.

We will provide script, just come prepared to read. see below for character breakdown:

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Suicide Club

Production dates are March 24-April 2

5 women and 11 men or Cast of 10


Sherlock Holmes: Lead, Male, 30-60
One of the greatest detectives ever. Sharp, deliberate, calculated, and nonplussed.

Doctor John Watson: Lead, Male, 40-60
Fabled friend, companion, and confidant of Holmes. Worried about Holmes’ depression.

Prince Nikita Starloff: Lead, Male, 25-40
A Russian prince. Stately, good-looking, and wary.

Christiane De Labegassier: Lead, Female, 25-40
A rich French beauty, currently with the Prince.

Club Secretary: Lead, Female, 25-50
Secretary of the Suicide Club. Direct, fascinating, alluring, and confident.

Mr. Williams/Mr. Roundy: Supporting, Male, 25-40
English gentleman. Member of the Suicide Club. Talkative. Almost comical. Pharmacist. Unassuming and naรฏve.

Mr. Richards/Mycroft Holmes: Supporting, Male, 40-60
English gentleman. Member of the Suicide Club. Resigned and tired. Sherlock’s older brother and British Intelligence Official.

Mr. George/Inspector Micklewhite: Supporting, Male, 30-60
German gentleman. Member of the Suicide Club. Tall, big, and imposing. An English police detective.

Mr. Henry/A. C. Cross: Supporting, Male, 60-80
English gentleman. Member of the Suicide Club. Frail old man in a wheelchair. European cultural attache.

Mrs. Hudson/Older Lady: Supporting, Female, 40-70
Holmes’ motherly landlady. Crime witness. Pretentious and put-out.

Lucy O’Malley/Magician’s Assistant:
Supporting, Female, 20-40
A London streetwalker. Beautiful assistant to a magician.


Jan 08 2023


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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